Buyback Dates


When you're done using your book, sell it back!  Southern Utah University Bookstore offers CASH for your unwanted textbooks during buyback. Buyback offers are based on market value as determined by the national wholesale company conducting the event, with premium pricing offered for titles that will be used at SUU during the next semester (provided the SUU Bookstore is not already overstocked).

  • Items not eligible for buyback include single-use items (workbooks, access codes, etc.), old editions, and damaged items. Resalable condition is determined by the Buyer: damaged or missing covers, missing pages, excessive writing or highlighting, ANY liquid damage or other issues may affect buyback eligibility.
  • All buyback transactions are final. DO NOT SELL RENTAL BOOKS. Completed transactions cannot be reversed.
  • Photo ID is required for buyback transactions. 

Buyback is held at the Bookstore's buyback window in the Sharwan Smith Center during following times:

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  Fall Semester   
Tuesday, December 13 10am - 2pm
Wednesday, December 14 10am - 2pm
 Thursday, December 15 10am - 2pm
 Friday, December 16 10am - 2pm
  Spring Semester   
 Monday,   10am - 2pm
Tuesday,   10am - 2pm
 Wednesday,   10am - 2pm